John J. Webb, Jr.,
CEO & Founder
As CEO and Chief Systems Engineer of Instarsat, Mr. Webb has technical, management, and financial responsibility for Instarsat's work in developing affordable, reliable, high performance small space systems for academic, civil space, commercial, government, and militiary markets. Mr. Webb's leadership is focused on lowering costs and increasing reliability while delivering high performance spacecraft with the least technical risk with the goal of advancing the state of the art in satellite technology.

John holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from Elon College. He has authored papers on responsive space science missions, cooperative space exploration initiatives, and space economics. John is a senior member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and actively participates in other major aerospace technical, scientific, and professional organizations.

Company Profile

To meet the growing demand for a new generation of smaller space platforms, Instarsat is developing ExpressBus™. First in a family of privately developed small satellite platforms, ExpressBus™ is intended for use in research and multi-purpose missions. ExpressBus™ is a micro-satellite class platform that offers customers greater mission planning flexibility, responsive operations, higher return on mission investments and a lower cost access to space. Other platform families under development include ScienceBus™ (small-class spacecraft), CommercialBus™ (medium-class spacecraft), and DefenseBus™ (heavy-class spacecraft). These innovative space platforms afford a broader range of product choices for mission planners and encompass breakthrough improvements in cost, quality, reliability, performance, and schedule not available today in the 21st century space marketplace.